The Sideways Dance (VIDEO)

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Put your Seven Games to the test by incorporating them into this flowing pattern!

The “Sideways Dance” is a great way to build connection, test your horse’s yields and most of of all, build YOUR leadership and tool savvy!

Enjoy and forgive me for the poor audio quality:)


    1. Yes👍 I am going to do that with Raine today! Thank you for showing us this Micaela. Beautiful place your family has..

  1. Thank you so much Micaela! I love how you break things down into teensy pieces.

  2. Thanks for the demo. Very cool! Can’t wait to try after this weekends clinic with you and Lillan!

  3. Very nice demonstration. My horse (he’s old) knows the sideways game but he cannot coordinate his feet like that no matter how hard he tries. That said, we will try this exercise, slowly.

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