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Natural Horsemanship Instructor

Saying that Micaela has been riding her whole life would be an exaggeration but not by much. At only twelve years old, she started her formal riding education with the Parelli School of Natural Horsemanship, where the progressive approach of building rapport with the horse suited her warm and empathetic personality. At age 14, she took her first grooming job at Symphony Farms in Auburn, and throughout her high school years, she continued with her Parelli training while also earning competitive grooming positions at several prestigious dressage barns around the country. In 2006, Micaela had progressed to the title Junior Trainer at the Noble Equis stable, where she trained a number of prize-winning horses. On top of that, management thought highly enough of her judgement that they sent her to Mexico, at age 17, to choose their next batch of show horses.

At her next junior trainer position at Hampton Green Farms in Florida, she deepened her knowledge with monthly clinics from champion dressage rider Lendon Grey, as well as daily lessons from HGF’s top trainers.

Most recently, she took the ultimate step in the world of Parelli training, and moved to the Parelli Center in Colorado. Her work there attracted the attention of founder Pat Parelli, who offered her one of his few apprenticeships. While there, she also groomed for 2008 Paralympic Gold Medalist and 2012 Silver Medalist Lauren Barwick as well as spending over a year as Linda Parelli’s Protege’.

Having completed the Parelli apprenticeship, including earning status as a 3-Star instructor, Micaela has made her life’s passion her life’s work, and offers instruction in natural horsemanship. While she has enjoyed the many high-profile experiences on her resume, and can empower horses and riders of all backgrounds, one of the things she’s most proud of is that her clients become her friends.

Today, she is bridging the worlds of Dressage and Natural Horsemanship, training and competing in Auburn, California at Blue Oak Ranch.

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