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My Mentors

Throughout the years, I have had the privilege of studying directly with some of the world’s best horsemen, horsewomen and dressage trainers.

Pat Parelli

I was fortunate enough to learn about Pat and the program he founded at a very young age! Within weeks of obtaining my first horse (age 10) I was exposed to the WOW the Parelli Program has to offer through a exhibition at the Sacramento Horse Expo.

Watching Pat Parelli, Linda Parelli, David Lichman & Honza Blaha performing the spectacular things they could do WITH there horses was so inspiring and moved my Dad and I to jump head first in their home study program.

Who knew that nine years later I would have the opportunity to go to Pat Parelli’s campus in Colorado and begin my journey as one of his instructors!

During my first stint on campus I spent approximately 12 month moving up the ranks from my introductory course (then called the “fast track) to being part of Pat’s Mastery Program as an Apprentice. My time working directly with him at his barn was cut short due to an unexpected health issue. Although this was a very frustrating road block at the time, I realize now that God was setting me up for an even greater pathway in the years to come.

Words could never express how grateful I am for this man and the program that he create; allowing me a dream career come true.

Linda Parelli

This woman!!!!!

In 2014 I returned to the Parelli Campus to continue my education as a Parelli Instructor.

During that first year on campus I was continually drawn to Linda and her mission to influence the world of English Performance horses.

Being able to come back as a Protege to Linda was truly a dream come true!

If any of you have heard or read about Linda you know that she is revered for her ability to meet both horses and humans where they are with her humble spirit. Through her discovery of the “Horsenalities”, Linda made her mark on the Parelli Program and continues to changes the lives and horse and humans with her insights.

Through my time with Linda I experienced the power of simulations, role playing and “mirroring” as tools for teaching people. In addition, she taught me how to use psychology to develop horses naturally and increase their desire to perform in the competitive arena.

When I have a difficult student or horse Linda is the first person I call! This is a privilege and I am continually grateful for the investment she continues to make in my life.

Christoph Hess

A quote from

“In the sometimes stuffy world of dressage, Christoph Hess is a breath, no, a whirlwind of fresh air. He is just about the most enthusiastic person I know, and luckily for the world’s dressage horses, a large portion of that enthusiasm is directed at improving their lot, not just the way they are ridden but also how they are breed, raised and housed.”

This statement could not be more true! I was fortunate enough to meet and ride with Christoph Hess through my relationship with Linda Parelli.

As both an observer and rider in his clinics, I can not say enough uplifting things about this man. He is Positive, Progressive and Natural which explains his compatibly with the Parelli Program.

The relationship him and Linda have cultivated is strongly founded on making the world a better place for horse and the people who love them. Particularly those horses and humans focusing their talents towards the sports of dressage and eventing.

Through their partnership, Christoph and Linda have created multiple DVDs on The Scale Of Training, and presented together in Verden, Germany.

The biggest thing I learned from Christoph was to keep my attitude light and playful while always thinking forward.

This positive energy, coupled with the momentum of the horse, makes it easier to shape the horse and bring out their power!