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What They Say

“Micaela has helped me tremendously in my horsemanship journey. Thanks to her instruction I was able to realize my dream of riding bridle-less. I’m looking forward to realizing many more of my horsemanship dreams with the help of Micaela’s excellent guidance.”

Ronni J.

“I started working with Micaela when I was 12 and my mom and I were looking for a horse. She helped us in finding one, and once we found him she helped me train him. Taking lessons with Micaela has been one of the most amazing experiences in my life. It wasn’t long before Micaela was not only my teacher, but one of my closest friends.

Every lesson I gained more of an appreciation for Micaela and her honesty, patience, kindness, and helpfulness. Her happy personality made things fun and easy to learn. Micaela is such an example to me of the kind of person I want to be. I am very grateful for Micaela and the influence she’s had on my life.”

Laura W.

“A few months ago I decided to have a lesson with Micaela Love to help get feedback on my riding. I have been riding and training for many years and know there is always something more to learn.

We discovered my body position that I had been riding in for many years ( And through many other instructors!) was getting in the way of my horse! Through Michaela’s clear communication and sharp eye she was able to help me create lasting change! I am still remembering and using the tools she gave me. I LOVED my session! This was also my first session with Micaela, And I can not wait to have another when she comes back to California”

Lisa C.

“I am a long time English rider and Micaela did a wonderful job bridging the gap between what I skeptically considered “Parelli stuff” and classical riding. She has incredible patience and a rare talent for listening to both people and horses. I learnt a lot from her tailored recommendations as well as the group discussions she helped foster. She did a great job tying everything back to key Parelli concepts, so that we all walked back enlightened rather than confused or overwhelmed with new information.”

Olivia B.

“Two years ago I bought what I thought was going to be my dream dressage horse.

48 hours after getting her home, my dream had become a nightmare, when an emotional meltdown left my mare flipped upside down in my trailer along with my trainer at the time, pinned up against the wall.

I was completely lost and overwhelmed with no one to help me.

Enter Micaela – Her wisdom, knowledge and experience with so many different kinds of horses, gave her the ability to understand and teach me the tools I needed to be confident with this highly complicated mare!

Although we are still a work in progress, Micaela’s dedication to her students success has empowered me to become a good leader for “Fayth”, and help her learn to be that dream partner I had hoped she would be!!”

Sabra A.