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The Salt Block “Partnership Series” [VIDEO] – Haltering

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For me, haltering is where true partnership has the chance to begin. By adding in this fun challenge you can start building the rapport and respect needed for any horse/human relationship. What better way than to start off each interaction with your horse with this necessary expectations? By asking them to participate and make and positive connection with you from …

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DIY Pedestal

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DIY Pedestal I LOVE teaching horses how to stand on Pedestals! Not only is it fun, but it allows you to improve your squeeze game, and prepare for tailer loading. Often times trailers require the horse to take a step up into to scary cage on wheels. With the pedestal you can practice building your horse’s confidence with stepping up …

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Red Light, Green Light?

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Natural Horsemanship, when performed in its truest form, is designed to create communication between horse and human through the path of least resistance.  Communication can be defined as “two or more individuals sharing and understanding an idea.”

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What is the Salt Block?

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Many of you with horses are already familiar with the uses and benefits of a salt block. But for those who are unaware, horses and humans do not produce sodium chloride (salt) naturally, and, therefore, have to obtain it from external sources. To supplement this need, many horse owners provide brick-like salt blocks, or salt bins, for their horses to keep in balance.