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Dashing: RBI (Right Brain Introvert)

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Dashing is a 3-year old gelding by Imminence out of Donnergirl by Donnerhall

When I came for my interview back in September Dashing was the first to catch my eye. He is of course D*A*S*H*I*N*G in every sense of the word! Although he is the most developed and impressive three year old (in my opinion) he is also the most reserved and unconfident. To put it simply he is a scardy-cat in the hunk of a horse’s body. 

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Look Ma, No Hands.

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Some of you may remember my andalusian mare, Condoleezza, and the ups and downs we’ve traveled over the years. Connie came into my life a yearling, allowing us to more or less grow up together. Although I am impartial to the term “sacrificial lamb” she was that for me in a lot of ways. She was the first horse I; started on my own, showed in dressage, passed my official Parelli auditions with, and ultimately the partner who accompanied me for my first intensive course at Parelli’s campus.

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Essential Oils – DIY Fly Spray

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Do It Yourself – Natural & Safe Equine Fly Spray The fly sprays available through our favorite equine supply companies contain chemical substances meant to kill and repel insects that are constantly being reformulated to keep ahead of the resistance these buzzing buggers keep building. With increased potency of these synthetic components toxic chemical reactions occur in ourselves and our animals. …

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Essetial Oils as Natural Sedatives

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There are many situations with our horses when it would be beneficial, or necessary, that they be calm or even sedated. Whether it be wanting a peaceful and calm hack, getting them (and yourself) through a stressful situation like a colic, or even utilizing less, or no sedation, for veterinary, farrier, or dental appointments, essential oils hold the potential to a vital tool in your tool box. They give you a natural alternative to traditionally thought-of medications or methods used to calm down a horse or keep them still while they’re being worked on.

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Putting The Essential In Essential Oils: Thieves

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In the world of essential oils and natural healing, nothing is more synonymous with winter than Thieves®; for people and horses alike.

Young Living’s Thieves® essential oil was created from research based on legends about a group of 15th century thieves who rubbed oils and aromatics on themselves to avoid contracting the plague while they robbed the bodies of the dead and dying. When apprehended, the thieves were forced to tell what their secret was and disclosed the formula of the herbs, spices, and oils they used to protect themselves in exchange for more lenient punishments.

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DIY Pedestal

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DIY Pedestal I LOVE teaching horses how to stand on Pedestals! Not only is it fun, but it allows you to improve your squeeze game, and prepare for tailer loading. Often times trailers require the horse to take a step up into to scary cage on wheels. With the pedestal you can practice building your horse’s confidence with stepping up …

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What is the Salt Block?

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Many of you with horses are already familiar with the uses and benefits of a salt block. But for those who are unaware, horses and humans do not produce sodium chloride (salt) naturally, and, therefore, have to obtain it from external sources. To supplement this need, many horse owners provide brick-like salt blocks, or salt bins, for their horses to keep in balance.