Sideways on the Circle

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In this video you will learn the pieces (sideways + halt on the line of the circle) to develop “sideways on the circle”… This exercise is relevant for any horse, of any age, geared towards any discipline. Not only does this sequence challenge the horse’s mental connection, but also their impulsion (Go = whoa) and begins introducing softness in the …

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From Start to Stardom

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Words do not describe how proud I am after last weekend’s dressage show at Rancho Murieta Equestrian Center! For this competition I took Soulman (a Right Brain Extrovert horse who was given to me last July due to his “lack of trainability” and issues with the contact) and Wajiro (a Left Brain Introvert and direct son of the famous Hanoverian …

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Creating Confidence with Contact

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Upon request I have created a video to demonstrate the rein sequence I created after years of fixing horses and their confidence issues with the bit. Ideally this sequence would be implemented when very first introducing contact with the bit!  In the video you will see a horse who was conditioned to believe the bit was a barrier, and, something …

Evolving Connection from the Ground up!

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What an honor to have the opportunity to teach alongside one of my mentors, Ezra Marrow!  On July 22nd Ezra and I will be leading a 1-Day clinic (presentation and lecture on July 21st 5:00-7:00pm) at Evolution Equestrian Center on Lone Star Rd. in Auburn, CA.   Ezra has worked deeply over the past 10 years to specifically apply what …

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The Sideways Dance (VIDEO)

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Put your Seven Games to the test by incorporating them into this flowing pattern! The “Sideways Dance” is a great way to build connection, test your horse’s yields and most of of all, build YOUR leadership and tool savvy! Enjoy and forgive me for the poor audio quality:)