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Let's work together

    Micaela has helped me tremendously in my horsemanship journey. Thanks to her instruction I was able to realize my dream of riding bridle-less.

    Ronni J.

    Every lesson I gained more of an appreciation for Micaela and her honesty, patience, kindness, and helpfulness. Her happy personality made things fun and easy to learn.

    Laura W.

    We discovered my body position that I had been riding in for many years was getting in the way of my horse! Through Michaela’s clear communication and sharp eye she was able to help me create lasting change!

    Lisa C.

    I am a long time English rider and Micaela did a wonderful job bridging the gap between what I skeptically considered “Parelli stuff” and classical riding. She has incredible patience and a rare talent for listening to both people and horses.

    Olivia B.