Horsemanship Video Coaching

Have you ever come home after a lesson and realized you have forgotten half of the information given to you?

It is a fact, that when in a learning environment, we retain at most
of the information given, usually this number sits between 10% and 30%.

The above stats, coupled with the fact that most of us are lax note takers when it comes to horsemanship lessons is why face-to-face lessons typically 
require more time and benefit from a long term commitment.

Although this study program involves less physical interaction with an instructor, it requires more intentional thought and time between you and your horse. This study program will maximize your learning experience, propelling you towards your dreams with horses.

With Love Horsemanship’s Video Coaching, I maximize your learning potential through a variety of proven methods:

  • Set Goals

    We set intentional goals with the Goal Board. If you don’t voice and/or write down your goals you will not achieve them!

  • Film Your Lesson

    Based on your goals; submit video footage of specific roadblocks that are keeping you from achieving your goals. Isolate problems in different facets of your horsemanship, such as ground work, in the saddle, or at liberty.

  • We Analyze

    Using analysis software, your video will be edited with special features such as voice over audio, slow motion playback, and on-video graphics to show desired angles or areas to pinpoint.

  • Review & Coaching Call

    Review your edited video, absorb feedback and devise a list of questions and/or comments to prepare for your coaching call.

  • Stay Progressive

    In between the video submission and phone call you will be receiving weekly tips to keep you encouraged and accountable all month long.