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Leading your horse safely has multiple perks!

1. You and your horse can stay safe, even when the unexpected happens.

2. You are reinforcing your horse’s responsibility to act like a partner.

3. You will get your horse mentally engaged and begin your warm up from the get go.

4. Leading done with excellence creates a natural segue to liberty!

In this video you will learn where the “sweet spot” is and become familiar with teaching your horse to find it. I will demonstrate with a horse who has not yet learned his responsibilities while leading. Then, you will see me work with Martini at liberty for the very first time! Yes, this was our first time ever in an open space without a halter. I hope this instills hope within you that great and precise leading creates a natural bridge to liberty. Once the horse knows that their comfort lies in the sweet spot you will be set up with a solid foundation for playing off-line.

Please note that when I use the “lift to stop a drift” technique I am using rhythmic pressure. I do not just lift and hold (that would allow the horse to get into a bracing match and we know who is stronger) I lift with rhythm motion and allow the snap on my lead rope to reinforce my request for the horse to engage the brakes and even reverse till they find the sweet spot once again.

Feel free to comment and leave questions for me to add more guidance if needed.

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  • Anna says:

    All of your videos are terrific – so clearly explained and demonstrated. Thank you so much for producing them and keep up the good work!

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