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I totally fudged this week and I did not journal, AT ALL! So, I am going to give you an overview instead of a step-by-step on each of the horse’s progress all in one post. Like I said before, I am hoping and planning to do more videos each week! As you can imagine, this takes a lot of time and effort, not just from me but from my amazing husband/camera man/web designer & supporter in all things.

This week we had a lot of rain! By a lot of rain I mean A LOT OF RAIN! This reality gave us one day where the facilities where completely unusable. Well, the indoor was “ok” but to be honest, there was no way I was getting on a baby and going into a tin can with the wind and rain banging overhead! So, we took the opportunity to test clipper prep. It was no surprise to me that all four of the babies allowed me to clip under their chins, the fluff around their ears as well as clean up their legs all around. Did I mention I did this with them ground tied in the center of the cross-tie area? No fights, no drama, no drugs.

Another thing to note, is that this week, I decided some of the babies were ready for more obstacles and patterns. In preparation for this, I went to Sports Authority and bought some cones to play with.  Each of the babies has now begun the On-Line patterns of the figure eight and the weave pattern. These cones have also been a great visual reference for my cloverleaf pattern which I am doing with Filigree under saddle.

Another monumental day was taking Lamarck across the road again! I went with Anna, who had one of his pasture mates, Helius, on the ground. We started out playing On-Line and in the end I mounted out in the pasture and we did walk and trot all around the play ground. We even trotted through the pinwheel of logs!

I should also note, that all four babies are wearing the bridle now as we go through our sessions. This is not to say that they are ready to be ridden off of the bit, but why not practice our bridling everyday and add hours of wearing it, to their resume?

Lastly and as always, I am so proud of the babies as they are progressing and am still awestruck at how quickly they are turning into “real horses”.

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