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Last weekend my Dad and I had the honor of riding in a two day Master Class with Pat Parelli!

To be totally honest, my favorite part of the whole weekend was having quality time with both my Dad and Martini. My love of horses, and now career with them would never have taken off without his support and shared interest.

My adolescent-teenage years consisted of participating in clinics, going horse camping and competing in horse shows with him. The past 5-7 years have not offered us the opportunity to do these things together; so, a weekend away with our ponies was a way past due.


Undemanding time with AR Martini:)

Exchanging notes at the end of Day 2

The title of Pat’s class was “Basics and Beyond” and he stuck to this formula over the two days. Each morning consisted of reviewing and refining the basics, then, taking them into purpose and beyond (into specialization i.e. dressage, cutting, reining, jumping) with riding in the afternoons.

Pat was incredibly patient and encouraging with a group of 8 students all varying in their levels of experience and confidence.

I was thankful to be used an example and demonstrate the more advanced tasks with Martini.

“Flagging” Pat introduced us to this more finessed way of mounting during the Master Class.

One-rein riding caused you to use your body and your legs more effectively. in Freestyle riding, the reins should only be to impeded unwanted forward motion.



The three biggest take aways for me were:

*Strong Elbows (both on the ground and riding)

*The importance of your horse’s ability to “follow a feel” in Zone 1 (off of the halter)

*The secret to good riding is to have “strong legs, light hands and a TON of willpower.”



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