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Since August, something has been ‘in the works,’ and I am excited to finally share the good news:

My beloved horse, Quest, has started his next chapter with a beautiful human being! As if that’s not exciting enough, I have found myself in the budding stages of a relationship with a new horse of my own!

Ok, now for the back-story from Quest’s new owner, Sabra Alvarez:

Vinny, getting all the love he deserves from his new owner, Sabra.

For sometime now, Micaela Love and I have been discussing the idea of trading equine partners.

It was becoming quite clear, that my young, larger-than-life, Oldenburg mare was a bit much for this 56-year-old amateur. Especially now with all the life changes I have had to face recently. I decided something had to change. I didn’t have the time or energy to give her what she deserved anymore. I wanted to find someone that could help her be the best she could be. It was pretty much a no-brainer for me. Micaela has always had a very special connection to my mare. And, I knew she was far better equipped to help Fayth reach her full athletic and emotional potential than I ever could be.

At the same time, Micaela had been thinking about retiring her beloved Dutch Warmblood from the show ring; that perhaps it was time for her to find a young horse to bring through the dressage levels her way, and let Quest have a more relaxing lifestyle.

That said, I am overjoyed to announce that I am now the PROUD owner of “Vinny” formerly known as Quest. I am beyond excited to begin this journey with such an amazing horse!! Not only is he a total sweetheart and gentleman, he is a true school master. Trained through FEI level, he will be able to teach me things no human being possibly ever could!

I don’t really have the words to express how blessed I feel that Micaela has trusted me with this incredible opportunity!

Thank you my dear sweet friend and trainer; not only for making a big dream come true for me, but also for giving my mare such an awesome opportunity to do what she was bred to do!

Me and my new partner, Wynne.

I am so thankful that Sabra was able to share her words. I have been formulating this announcement in my mind for weeks now. However, every time I sit to write it, I conveniently find other things that need to be done. It is such an incredibly opportune transaction that has transpired! However, I am still processing the transition of my partner of the past three years and acceptance of a new one.

As Sabra said, this is something we have talked about in a hypothetical context for well over a year! I have always been drawn to “Wynne,” formerly known as Fayth. She is an incredibly complex, challenging and powerful mare. In kind, every time Sabra would describer her dream horse I would point out that she was describing a horse as kind and saintly as she is – my boy, Quest.

Neither selling a horse or buying a horse has ever been so easy or straightforward! The moment we had exhausted all of our “what ifs,” and decided we were ready to make the deal, a wave of peace washed over us both and it hasn’t left since.

This is a WIN for Sabra, WIN for me, WIN for Vinny, WIN for Wynne (now you know what I am pre-destining with her new name;)! Both humans and both horses are being re-matched with their ideal partner for a positive and progressive future.

The thought of selling Quest has been on my mind over the past year as I have struggled with some physical issues in his neck, taking the heights of Grand Prix off of the table. Regardless, this horse has taught me so much and given me his heart and soul. I was able to learn about “emotional rehabs” with the help of Linda Parelli, and achieving Finesse Without Stress on a once used and abused dressage horse. Once I had reestablished his trust in humans and contact with the bit, he willingly partnered with me to achieve my Bronze Medal and took me into the show ring to debut my very first FEI test (PSG) with a admirable rookie score of 59.57%.

I have no doubt he will continue to share his gifts with Sabra, and be the schoolmaster she has always wanted.

I could never have imagined a better situation for my boy and sincerely believe that Sabra will give him a better life and partnership than even I could offer him at this phase in our lives. I know she feels the same about me taking over her mare 🙂


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