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In this video you will see how to saddle and unsaddle in a way that builds the relationship between you and your horse. You will also learn the savvy way to tie up your latigo and cinches. This way everything is ready to go and void of tangled messes for your next ride.

This video is logner than usual and covers just about everything. However, there is one thing I want to bring to your awareness and challenge you with as you move forward.

It is the horse’s responsibility to maintain gait. Hault is a gait. Does your horse maintain the hault while you are saddling him? If the answer is “no” or “some of the time” see if you could use the “lift to stop a drift” technique from the episode 3 (leading) to impede the unwanted forward motion.

Also, I recommend to anyone and everyone to refrain from saddling a tied horse. If your horse happened to spook while being saddled and pulled back he would find himself in a very tight spot and could injure himself, you, or both.  Even if it is the millionth time the horse has been saddled it is better to be safe than sorry. Plus the alternative offers you a chance to improve your horsemanship.

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