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Upon visiting Parelli University in 2009 I was introduced to the many benefits of essential oils. They were a remedy many students on campus used and boasted about on a daily basis. Like I have said in the past, I am a hard sell on most “airy fairy” products. However it became very apparent that my skeptisism was causing me to be the one missing out.

“I was introduced to Young Living Oils about 6 years ago. At that time I had no idea of the benefits of them and I now use them every day on myself and for my horses. Their power is quite extraordinary on many different levels – mentally, emotionally and physically. I don’t even travel without them.”

— Linda Parelli

Since 2010, I have spent time at Pat Parelli’s and currently, Linda Parelli’s facilities. These well respected, professional individuals are serious about their oils! Every barn and trailer is stocked with a “barn kit” comprised of oils to aid in the overall health and performance of their horses. Pat, Linda and the company of Parelli Natural Horsemanship believe so strongly in the power of essential oils that they have become proud partners of Young Living Essential Oils.

After years of seeing the daily benefits of essential oils (EOs), and my own personal success in battling chronic asthma I can’t wait to share the good news with you! In an attempt to provide you with the best most empowering information, I have joined forces with one of Young Living’s amazing independent distributors, Melanie Allen. Over the next several months Melanie will act our EO sherpa.

In this article Melanie will be priming your senses with some overall facts about EOs. Later this month (November 15th) you will see our first of many product reviews where you will learn the benefits and application of specific oils and blends.

Putting the Essential in Essential Oils: The Basics

Author: Melanie Allen, Silver Rank Distributor, Young Living Essential Oils

I am a normal person who simply feels as though I have insider knowledge to healthy, natural, and less expensive solutions to ailments or problems myself, my family, my friends, and my fur babies (small and large versions) face on a daily basis.

‘Okay, Mel…say I wanted to know just the teeniest bit of info about essential oils…’. Well, you’re in luck. Here are a few gems you can stick in your back pocket next time you want to impress someone:

  • An essential oil is the aromatic, volatile liquid that is within many shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes, and seeds that’s extracted through steam distillation
  • It takes 5,000 pounds of rose petals to produce 1 kilo – a mere 35.274 ounces for people like me who need the conversion – of rose oil (whoa.)
  • The first record of the use of aromatics for religious rituals and medical applications dates back to 4500 BC
  • An essential oil from an herb can be from 100 to 10,000 times more concentrated – and therefore more potent –  than the herb itself
  • The structure of essential oils are very similar to the makeup of our own cellular structure (this includes children + animals)

I think that’s good for now, you brainy person, you. I don’t want you to completely blow their minds right out of the gate.

With all the options available to us today, why, you may ask, did I choose Young Living Essential Oils? (or maybe you’re not). Either way, here’s why:

  • They’ve been researching, cultivating, and distributing essential oils for over 20 years
  • Young Living is an international company, with 7, soon to be 8, farms and offices all over the world
  • They’re the only company with the unique Seed to Seal® process.

If you want to talk more about essential oils, their endless application or are interested in purchasing, reach out! We’re friendly.

Melanie at []

Stay tuned for monthly posts on individual oils and blends that will help bring a holistic approach to your horsemanship!


  • Danna Ayers says:

    My Parelli Peeps have been using Young Living oils for the last few years – I was the skeptic one until I had a bout of tendinitis. My friend ordered me Deep Relief and my skepticism started to melt away. Skeptic #2 would be my husband who had a bout of "nasty guts" over the weekend. I had him drink a drop of DiGize in water and also rub a few drops on his abdomen and within 15 minutes he had relief. Hmmmm, how interesting! I am defusing Lavender in my office at this very moment and it is wonderful!

  • Mindy says:

    i have been using young living essential oils for over 18 years 🙂 i’ve used them on my two babies, my horses, dogs, my mom’s birds, my chickens, my cats, my husband… you name it, it’s probably had an oil on it! LOL

    my aunt and i wrote a simple book about using Young Living Essentail Oils on your dogs, cats and horses. you can find it at:

    it’s packed with simple recipes and wonderful testimonials 🙂

    i’m so glad you have joined the world of essential oils!!

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