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As many of you know I recently joined forces with Valhalla Farm in Wellborn, FL where my dream of merging Dressage and Natural Horsemanship is becoming a reality!

One of my responsibilities is to prepare Valhalla’s young horses for their bright futures by giving them a foundation in natural horsemanship. For now, I am focusing on four babies; two mares and two geldings. When I say “babies” these are three and four old horses with lots of human interaction and handling.

Within days of arriving I began playing with the babies, assessing and devising a plan for each of them. After each session all I could think was “WOW”! Every single one of them was not only equipped with amazing gaits, but incredible dispositions to match! I guess thats what 40+ years of breeding gets you. As I wiped the drool form my chin I had another realization… Although there were constants in talents and temperament between the lot, I was flexing my approach and strategies with each of them. Why? Because they each possessed a unique horsenality.

To get a brief overview on “Horsenality” is click HERE.

To see if you know your horse’s horsenaility click HERE. Some of you may recognize my former horse, Financiero, posing as the Left Brain Introvert on the bottom left:)

Using horsenality as a filter was part of my everyday life as Protege to Linda Parelli. As I addressed behavioral issues and developed each horse I was constantly encouraged to look for the horse’s innate character and build my training approach around what he/she needed to feel safe and motivated. With that said, this look into horse behavior is something I am deeply passionate about!

To date I have logged approximately seven sessions with each horse. To be honest I wish we had gathered content for this series even sooner! Each horse has already become more centered and less obvious in their emotional tendencies. With that said I am hopeful that through the tracking of their training and development you will be able to see how clearly different each horse is.

With the help my wonderful husband, Jerome Love, I intend to give you a bird’s eye view as I develop each horse. This will include both written and video updates 2-4 times per month.

Consider this video a quick teaser and get ready to meet the babies!

P.S. I am currently offering lessons, workshops and clinics in Florida and the surrounding areas!

* Micaela Love is not licensed by Parelli Natural Horsemanship as a Horse Development Specialist*


  • Zuza Poprawski says:

    So excited to follow the babies’ progress. Thank you for sharing this, Mic!
    Hugs, Zuza.

  • Wendee says:

    Can’t wait to see and read more. I wish all breeders put foundations under their horses. It’s the responsible thing to do. They are so lucky to have found you.

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