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Not long ago my good friends Jake Biernbaum and Ryan Rose gave me a kick in the pants to up my game with Parelli’s On Line patterns.

I have always LOVED teaching people how to do the Figure 8 pattern because I feel it is such a good test for the mutual responsibilities between horse and human. It also gives clear feedback on the quality of your Drive vs Draw and which one needs to be reinforced.

For this reason, I was pumped when they wanted to show me an advanced way of introducing the Figure 8 pattern to both horses and students.

In this way, the expectations are greater right off the bat, rapidly accelerating the quality and development of the figure 8 pattern.

To view Jake’s Savvy Moment #4 where click the video to your right!

I was lucky enough to have an in person lesson from the guys and couldn’t wait to take it home to practice with Quest. Thanks to our existing foundation and relationship, Quest picked it up right away.

Over this past weekend I was helping one of my students prepare for her Level 3 audition and had an obstacle course set up in one of the pastures. As we were getting ready to wrap up for the day I thought, “I wonder if Quest could maintain the pattern on the 45-foot line out here?”

Up until this, we had only done it on a 22-foot line in the arena….

There is power is creating positive patterns! Quest was able to connect the dots and upheld his responsibilities of

  • Act like a partner, not like a prey animal
  • Maintain gait
  • Maintain direction
  • Look where you are going

All while maintaining the pattern of the Figure 8 with me standing in neutral.

I hope this gives you a new perspective and empowers you to up the anti on the Figure 8 Pattern with your horse!


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