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I have been having so much fun with Lana! If I could assign her a Valhalla team award it would be “most improved player”. She has come such a long way since I started with her in December and has shown the biggest emotional shift from extreme to centered.

When I first started with her she had the least handling, and, due to her extroverted nature, was very pushy/impulsive. Now, she is grounded, thoughtful and SO connected. She is going to be the ideal amateur horse not only because of her great temperament but because she is so smooth to ride!

Since my last official update I have begun to ride Lana with contact, school her in the outdoor arena, loaded her in the trailer and been on two successful and drama free trail rides!

We have begun to play at liberty and I had Jerome document our initial introduction.


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  • Grace Sternad says:

    I cannot wait to try this with Spirit. Typically in the arena he is with me for about 1/3 of a circle then tends to go off on a straight line trajectory. He loves treats; this should work! Thank you. Did your Dad tell you we both attended Cezanne’s 3/4 clinic? Great fun!

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