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When I logged in to create this post I realized there has been dead silence since April 23rd!

Don’t worry, I am slapping my own wrist for being so lackadaisical about posting….

As incredibly fulfilling as working with horses six days a week can be, it can also cause other things to fall by the wayside. Like writing about the horses you are working with all week;)

The pressure to get back into the groove of writing has been brewing for over a month now. As if you knew I needed one final push to get my act together, I received two heart felt emails from people I have never met this week. Both had stumbled across the blog and wrote me simply to extend their gratitude for the education it offered them.

YOU are the reason I write and share. So, with this burst of fresh appreciation and enthusiasm I bring you a much delayed update!

Where do I even start……..?

Lana, Dashing, Lamark and Filigree are all doing SUPER! More names have been added to the roster, but we will need to introduce them at a later date.

Since my last update we decided to turn Lamark out for the time being to mature and grow. With that said, I do not have any updated photos of him. This adjustment, along with the sale of another horse from my list, freed me up to start three other babies. These three are now under saddle and moving right along! When the time is right, I have two more “in the Que” for their natural start.

I never imagined that I would be a “colt starter” and to be honest I still don’t consider myself one. However, looking back on this season of dabbling in the niche I am filled with so much gratitude and satisfaction. Words cant even express how much I have been learning through these horses.

It has been amazing to experience the skills ooze out of my pores subconsciously. This is a testament to Parelli Natural Horsemanship and how their program shapes and develops horseman and woman.

For today, let me tell you about three super star babies who have turned into “real horses”!


*All photos included in this post were taken by Shannon Brinkman*

Dashing continues to be the most handsome and heartwarming of them all! With the continued focus being to build his confidence, he has developed a very different energy about him. He carries himself with much more certainty, and, although he is still sensitive he navigates our sessions with so much trust and relaxation.

He has been taken out on the trail several times now and is SO good with the new stimuli and added pressure of being out with a group of riders.

Another achievement is that Dashing has now been ridden by three other riders! As a right brained horse the transfer to a new handler/rider can sometimes be unsettling. However, he handled each situation like a champ and was so willing to seek the human for answers.

Alright, I could go on and on about “Mr.Dashing” but we have two lovely ladies who deserve a shout out as well!


Lana has become my “Steady Eddy” and represents the clan of Left Brained Introverts in her actions 99.9% of the time. She has shifted a lot in her personality and has gone from an impulsive and reactive girl to a stoic and elegant lady.

Although she is very willing and responsive she is now slightly opinionated.


When I am riding Lana I feel like we are having a constant conversation with one another about how to negotiate new movements and my raised expectations.

She is starting to grow into her long legs and learn how to balance herself in a frame. She has taken the longest to convince that “the bit is not a barrier”. Thanks to the two years I spent with Linda Parelli learning about her Game Of Contact technique I had the tools and communication needed to help Lana feel successful.

Lana has the most comfortable gaits to ride and I always look forward to my sessions with her!


Unlike the others, Filigree has stayed true to her bold and sassy nature! She is hands down one of the most impressive mares I have ever worked with. She is incredibly athletic and has such a presence about her that you can not help but be drawn in.

When I walk into the barn each morning she is the first to make lazer beam eye contact with me and holds it until I come and say good morning to her at her stall.

From February-April Filigree was being ridden by the talented, Meghan Kavanah, who was wintering with us at Valhalla.

When she left, Filigree was put back on my list to continue her development. Just last week she was shifted again and will now be with Erin Brinkman full time! Such a lucky horse to have a talented and experienced trainer like Erin watching over her.

This transition will give me time to start a 3-year old gelding named Faline who has been a total joy to work with so far! We are only 5 sessions in but he has already accepted the rider and had two relaxed walk abouts in the round-pen. Photos and updated on him to come:)

Don’t forget that these beautiful horses are for sale. If you are looking for a dressage or eventing prospect rooted in the foundation of natural horsemanship make sure to contact me at

I think that is all for now…..

Thank you for your comments, questions and letters of appreciation!

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