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The close of this week brought Jerome and I home from an international trip and into a state of reflective thankfulness.

I am still playing catch up and am a bit exhausted from traveling. So, I will let this post act as a visual media tour, telling you about our adventures!

Some of you may recall that I traveled to Costa Rica last year and led a horse trek with a company whos passion is to bring Natural Horsemanship to Central America. Well, I returned to this north-western region, Liberia, once again at the end of February. Only this time I brought along a my Dad, my husband and my 10-year old nephew!



Although my Dad is a very experienced horseman, many of the things we did were brand new experiences for Jerome and Ezekiel.

  • being in the saddle for multiple hours day after day
  • riding in a large group
  • trekking down switchbacks and through water
  • high-tying in the forest
  • drinking out of coconuts on horseback
  • riding on the beach

I have never doubted that I have an amazing family, but this trip reflected that fact and made me so incredibly grateful for the chance to share such experiences!

After a week and a half together our trek of 10 riders (including myself) broke up and went our separate ways. While some flew home, many tagged on extra days to explore more of Costa Rica.

Jerome and I flew to the capital, San Jose, where we stayed with my friend and fellow Parelli Instructor, Alejandra Gonzalez. I was so excited to see Ali’s farm again (last year it was under construction) and, my friend (previously a working student for me at Valhalla Farms) Madeline Baker.

“Maddy” has been working with Ali for about 8 months now and is getting a great education at their PRE breeding farm!








It is a beautiful tangled web we have weaved…….:)

To my delighted surprise, we got to seeJanice Dulak. Creator of “Pilates for the Dressage Rider”, upon our arrival! She was there teaching and we got to catch the tail end, watching her coach Ali on her new PRE stallion. I worked with Janice in years past while I was studying with Linda Parelli and it was great to reconnect with her!

For all you dressage riders in California, I am planning a Pilates for Dressage clinic with Janice at my place this October. Stay tuned! 

Over the next three days I had the opportunity to coach Ali’s working students with their project horses in natural horsemanship, while Ali coached me in dressage on several of her upper level horses.





For all you dressage riders in California, I am planning Dressage clinic with Alejandra at my place this November. Stay tuned! In addition to being a 3-Star Parelli Instructor, Ali road for Costa Rica in the Pan American Games in dressage. She is dynamic and dynamite!!!

Madeline and Aranzasu taught me some new tricks to braiding the bulky manes of the PRE(s) and gave me the priviledge of two brand new experiences.

Riding Side saddle

working with a “cobra” of mares!










As I was promoting the Sabanero Horse Venture’s Trek I had MANY responses stating regret for not making this year but every intention to do it “next time”. If you are interested in participating in this great trek experience please feel free to contact Jorge Sauma at .

Although it has been a great experience for me the past two years, I will not be leading a trek in 2019. There are too many rocks that have yet to be turned over:)


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